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Some of my works


This is an excerpt of some of my works
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A little bit

About me.
Just some short information about who I am and what I do

Curriculum Vitae

born 1973 in Königstein in Taunus, Germany
lives and works in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

immatriculation at the Hochschule für Gestaltung, Offenbach am Main
intermediate diploma at Prof. Manfred Stumpf with „CIT.GO“
diploma at Prof. Heiner Blum with „Poligonal Propaganda“
minor diploma at Prof. Alexander Opperman with „Well known Battlegrounds“


Project „Larve“ with Prof. Manfred Stumpf
Exhibition of „CIT.GO“ at Kunst FFM in Frankfurt/M
Exhibition of „CIT.GO“ at Ausstellungsraum „Schulstrasse 1a“ in Frankfurt/M
Exhibition of „blow_up.nature“ on the „viamobile“ exhibition auf der light+building fair in Frankfurt
Global Winner of the „Identity“ competition of the Deutsche Bank, with
„Some where is where my mind is ...“ exhibiting in Tokyo, Barcelona and New York
Exhibition of „Transforming Mindapes“ at the DigitalART-Gallery in Frankfurt/M
Exhibition at the „Kunstpositionen 2002/03“ in the Hypotheken Vereinsbank, Frankfurt/M with the group project „focuced optimized toolset” with Jörg U. Ritter
Winner of the „Kunst und Qualität” competition with „focuced optimized toolset“
Exhibition at the „Frankfurter Welle“ with „Churun Meru Reloaded“ and
„Eliza Monolouge“
Exhibition of „Asphalt Rollercoasters are way cool“ at the „interim projekte“ in the „Hafen2“ in Offenbach/M
„Artnouveau“ project at the Fraunhofer Institut/Darmstadt with Andreas Gärtner and
Frank Schmidt
Exhibition of „Multiowl“ as part of the „Emporter des femmes á Paris“ exhibition at the Goethe Institut Athen and at the Frankensteiner Hof in Frankfurt/M
Exhibition of „Poligonale Propaganda“ as part of the „Gewalt. Macht. Spaß“ exhibition during the „Nacht der Museen“ in Frankfurt/M
Exhibition of „Tracked Parts“ at the Showroom „Raumpool“ in Frankfurt/M
Exhibition of „Impacts“ at the Basis Sommerschau in Frankfurt/M
Exhibition of „Bling-Bling“ as part of the „interim projekte“ at the „Hafen2“ in Offenbach/M
Exhibition of „Bling-Bling“ at the Basis Sommerschau in Frankfurt/M
Exhibition of „Bling-Bling“ at the Fukushima Biennal, Japan
Exhibition of „30’ Seaside Holiday“ at the Frankfurter KunstBlock
Exhibition of „Nahansichten“ at the Saasfee* Pavillion in Frankfurt/M
Project „Motionbank“ starts with the collaboration of the Forsythe Company, the Fraunhofer Institute, the Hochschule für Gestaltung and the Hochschule Darmstadt
Exhibition of the adaptation of “No Time to Fly” by Deborah Hay on the Tanzkongress Düsseldorf

Short Introdution

My name is Amin Weber, I am an artist and designer based in Frankfurt am Main and Offenbach.
The content of this website reflects mainly non commercial works I do as an artist.

I studied at the “Hochschule für Gestaltung” in Offenbach Main, which is focusing strongly on interdisciplinary studies, when I started I was working on drawings which lead me to doing drawings with 3D software and my focus shifted a bit more into animation and interactive installations.

I graduated in 2003 in something called “Experimental Spatial Concepts” with Prof. Heiner Blum which is associated with the fine arts.

I also worked on design projects during my studies and feel a bit like a cross-border commuter between art and design.

I work mostly at Basis Studios in Frankfurt, where I feel at home and benefit of the strong community of nice fellow artists from various faculties and countries there.